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The Lost Post – Electronic Ignition

I don’t know how this post never made it up. I did this work almost a year ago. I uploaded the photos, but for some reason never wrote the post. Anyways my mechanic at Dave’s recommended that I switch to … Continue reading

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VW are Very Sturdy

Classic Beetles are so sturdy, I love it! A while ago my Little Bug got hit and I would have never known had someone not seen it and told me. My car was parked outside my boyfriend’s house and his … Continue reading

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Window Regulator Fail

About a month ago I took on the task of fixing both my windows. I was so excited. I researched different companies to figure out where I should  purchase my regulators from. I settled on Airhead Parts. Price was good … Continue reading

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Too Hot for the Winter

The last month or so I have been driving around with no way to put either one of my windows down. My only source of fresh air has been my wing window and the slow creep down of my broken … Continue reading

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Winter in a VW

So it may not be winter yet, but fall is really in full swing or at least it has been for the last few days and it has reminded me how cruel winters can be in a classic VW. Luckily … Continue reading

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Drives Like New

It has been awhile since I last wrote, school has been crazy. Your senior year is never easy whether it is high school or college. If you read my last post you know that about this time last month my … Continue reading

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That’s all it Took to Fix the Shake

  I went back to school last week so with the end of summer and start of school I apologize for not posting anything sooner. Now that things are balancing out I am back and will try not to disappoint … Continue reading

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