Window Regulator Fail


Doing a little research

About a month ago I took on the task of fixing both my windows. I was so excited. I researched different companies to figure out where I should  purchase my regulators from. I settled on Airhead Parts. Price was good and I have had good experiences with them in the past.

The task of replacing the window regulators seemed daunting and intimidating, but looking back now it was not too bad. A tad time consuming and frustrating since my car is just a little rusty, but it is a task I could take on again.


Part of removing the door panel

The process is fairly easy and self explanatory, if you are at all observant and do just a little research. First you have to remove the door panel then go about removing all the nuts that hold the regulator in.


Getting to the Screw

You also must remove the screw that holds the bar which separates your main window from your wing window. To find this screw you have to remove (well pull partially out) the felt lining type material at the top of the window. After you do this the screw is pretty easy to get to. The next part was the only part I really struggled with. You must wiggle that bar loose and into the area of your main window in order to slip the regulator out. It may take a few tries.


The Screw

To remove the regulator you are best off pulling the bottom bar, on your door which secures part of the regulator, towards you so not to scratch the window. Grease up the new regulator and reverse to install.

Removing and installing I think is probably easiest for two people.


New Window Regulator

Now onto my fail. Everything sounds good right? One problem. Airhead parts had sent me either a defective or wrong regulator for my driver’s side. The side that desperately needed replacing. We tried for hours to get it tow work, but it just did not align right to go back in. As far the the passenger’s side goes, once we got it out we realized it just needed a good greasing so I didn’t even need to order a regulator for that side.

Airhead parts was great and allowed me to return everything with little problem. I just had to pay for shipping, but got a full refund. Sadly though I am still without a working regulator on my diver’s side and if you read my last post, it is quickly heating up in California.



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A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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3 Responses to Window Regulator Fail

  1. Eli Rogers says:

    My driver side window regulator just went out, after buying a replacement and finding it didn’t fit just like your’s, I returned it. While returning, the owner of the shop said they fit like crap, and to just buy a used one. So I wouldn’t be buying another new one if I was you! Good luck. In the meantime, you can do what I do and just remove your window and lock the steering wheel for safety (just don’t leave valueables in the car).

    • Simply Alex says:

      Thanks for the tip, I think I probably will do that. I got a used one for my other window years ago when it went out. As for the meantime, I like your idea. I just roll down the other window and use my wing windows, still a little hot, but easier on my hair. =)

  2. Doll-Lori Berkeley says:

    You are amazing, Alex !!!

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