But I Want Stock Wheels

IMG_2768I really want to put stock wheels and hub caps back on my IMG_2764Little Bug, but I do not think that will be happening. I currently have some Porsche rims that my dad put on shortly before his death. At first I hated them, but than once I started the restoration I had decided that I would keep them, go towards the Cal-Style. I still would love to do that, but at the moment I do not have the resources to do anything extra really so I decided I would just stick to a classic look for now.


With that decision made I went in search of the wheels my dad had IMG_2763removed. I had hoped they were being stored in our garage, but sadly that is not where I found them. They had been stacked away on the side of my house and have sat and endured the elements there for at least the last four years. Sadly to say they are not really in any working condition so my plans for stock wheels will have to wait.


About Simply Alex

A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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One Response to But I Want Stock Wheels

  1. Doll says:

    Ahhh……..I remember these wheels. Sad to see them in such bad shape.

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