I Have Brake Lights!


New Brake Light Switches


Brake Light Switches on Master Cylinder

After nearly  a year of driving my Little Bug I have brake lights. When I first started driving it, I believe I had brake lights, but after my brake job they were sporadic and shortly thereafter died. Since than I have been depending on my warped, sun damaged tail lights, to protect me from a fix it ticket. After replacing my tail lights though I had to take action and the fix was surprisingly simple. All it required was removing the driver’s side front tire in order to access the master cylinder. There are two plug type “switches” attached to the cylinder. Those are the brake light switches. I ordered mine from JBugs. All you have to do is unplug the wires connected to them than unscrew the brake light switches. Screw in the new ones, reattach wires, and remount your tire. Simple as that and than you no longer must worry about a pesky fix it ticket.


Wires that Connect to Switches



About Simply Alex

A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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