She Runs Like a Dream


Thursday evening my parts arrived. I ordered my float and automatic choke, along with a few other things, from AirHead Parts. Immediately that evening my boyfriend and I dropped the new parts in. My Little Bug started up better than it ever has, still has some improvement, but it was so easy compared to how it was before. I drove my baby around the block and she drove so smooth and sounded so nice. It is amazing what the smallest thing can do to your engine.


New Float


Old Choke Piece


New Automatic Choke


Float Installed


About Simply Alex

A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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One Response to She Runs Like a Dream

  1. Doll says:

    Ahhhh, Alex, you are becoming quite the mechanic! Kudos !!!

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