Why I have no glove box…anymore

Courtesy of www.forcesofgeek.com

Image Courtesy of http://www.forcesofgeek.com

Since I inherited the VW it has had front trunk issues. For those of you that aren’t very familiar with the trunk workings of a classic VW I break it down for you briefly. The engine is in the back rather then the front, which means my trunk is located in the front. To unlock the front trunk you pull a lever inside the glove box which unlocks the hood and under normal circumstances the person can then go to the front and open the hood.

As I had said under normal circumstances, opening the trunk is normally a one person task. Since I got the VW it has been a two person job. I

would have to pull and hole the lever, while another person unlatches the hood in the front. If I released the lever to go unlatch the hood it would re-lock.

A few weeks ago, I needed my tool box, which I keep in my front hood, and was in a little of a rush. That morning my lever decided it was going to quit working. No matter what I did I could not get the lever to unlock the hood. I became desperate. I first tried to use  a screw diver to take off the lever in my glove box, but that wasn’t helping so, for a lack of better terms, I went hulk on my little card board glove box…I ripped the lever out. I no longer could really store anything in my glove box, but it allowed a nice hunk to grasp onto as a yanked to unlock my hood.

It worked and is how I have been using my hood since then, but finally this week I got around to ordering a new lever, lever wire, and sturdy plastic glove box from JBugs. So this will also be on my to do list for the weekend.


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