The Fun of Tracking Your Mileage

Speedometer and Gas Gauge

I guess I should have known that something was bound to break soon. Things have been running much too smoothly lately. Well Tuesday My Little Bug decided to shake things up for me.

Driving to school my speedometer started to make a really loud buzzing noise. (I should confess this was not the first time, a few months ago it did it sporadically for about a week and then just stopped.) The entire way to and from school, 22 miles round trip, you can imagine my irritation. To top things off on my way home, about half way through my drive I got to watch my gas gauge glide down pass E. Now was I out of gas? No that would be too simple of a problem to fix. I in fact had half a tank or so left, my gauge just decided to go out on me. As I got home my gas gauge perked back to life, and I breathed a sigh of relief, thought to myself, “it was just a glitch, it’s fine.”

Knowing that that buzz was going to drive me crazy if it continued that way, not to mention the headaches I would have to learn to live with, I went to work researching the problem. I am still not sure what it is, but I’m leaning towards the speedometer cable. We shall see this weekend and I’ll post an update.

Yesterday, I get in my bug and prepare for my buzzing drive. To my pleasant surprise the speedometer was fine, no buzz the entire day. However, my gas gauge had left me Tuesday with nothing but false hope. It never budged my entire drive to school. Driving home it sparked to life every know and then, but never had enough life to stay up longer then a few seconds. Gauge two now that must be replaced.

Luckily gas gauge research was a little easier, I guess bugs are know for stubborn, faulty gas gauges. I have not got to really check any yet, that shall be my weekend fun, but I found this really helpful website that breaks down step by step how to check the most common problem.

Until this Saturday comes I will be enjoying my fun new task of tracking my mileage so I do not end up stranded on the side of the road.


About Simply Alex

A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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2 Responses to The Fun of Tracking Your Mileage

  1. Doll says:

    Thank goodness you are mechanical and take after your dad.
    Good luck this weekend. : ) Hugs.

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