Shake, Rattle, and…What Now?

Anyone that knows bugs understands that they are not always the cleanest, easiest start. Since I have been driving the bug, starting it has always consisted of pumping, and pumping, and some more pumping, of the gas pedal. I know this could probably be fixed, maybe even relatively easy, but I have also noticed from being around other bugs that this is not a totally uncommon practice. I decided to just let it be. Accepted this is how my car will start, and it has started that way every single time I start it, except just once.

So as you all know I had to replace my starter after it left me stranded at the mall. After replacing my starter my car started perfectly. No pump, no struggle, no stall. I turned the key and vrooom, it turned right over and it sounded beautiful, perfect. Never again though. I turned it off and the next time I went to start it, I was right back to pump, pump, pump, and even worse my Little Bug was now making a horrible clanking noise and my whole car seemed to be shaking.

I immediately jumped out and checked out my engine, the whole thing was shaking. I will admit, initially I was worried that maybe I had not reconnected everything correctly, but then why did it start so smoothly before?Fan Housing After idling for awhile things seemed to balance out, and after a short test drive everything seemed to check out. Every time I started it from there on out though the rattle, noise, and shake was there and progressively getting worse.

I began doing some research, and watched some videos, all of which revolved around the engine not being mounted correctly, or issues with pistons or valves, but my gut told me that could not be the case, my engine had just been put in. After some more research and my boyfriends neighbor taking a look at it, we came to the conclusion my fan was loose and possibly fallingOld Fan apart. I went out and bought a replacement fan, but for about a month rain every weekend kept me from getting it in. My DAPS mechanic ended up, during a tune up, verifying that the noise was my fan and I have to say sounded very disappointed to learn I had already bought the fan and planned on replacing it myself.

Finally after about a month of delay I was able to get that fan in. It was a daunting task, dismantling various parts, but it went New Fanmuch smoother then I had anticipated. Once I got the fan out I was shocked at its condition. I do not believe that it could have held on much longer. Putting the fan in was a little more challenging then taking it out and once I got my rear hood re-attached my car looked like a polka-dot car, but the shake and noise was gone.

When I start my car it is still a pump, pump, pump task, but then its smooth, well bug smooth driving from there.


About Simply Alex

A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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