I was stranded at the mall…

This past Christmas I worked on a Santa set at my local mall, but my Little Bug made sure to make the start of the season an interesting one for me. Before the season officially started we had a dinner meeting were we all filled out our paperwork and got to know one another. Before the meeting I had another interview neLittle Bug, Ready for Workar by, really just the opposite side of the mall. My interview went well and I was excited to go to my dinner. I jumped in my car, turned on the radio, changed my shoes, then went to turn on my car to head to dinner. NOTHING. Click, click, click, it was dead.

My battery is over three years old and had sat for tow of those years so I just Greasy Old Starterthought the battery was dead. Then it clicked, one problem with that, my head lights, radio, and interior lights all worked fine, and didn’t dim when I tried to turn the engine over. CRAP.

Well nothing I could do about it right then, I had a dinner to get to. I grabbed my sweat shirt and walked my butt over to the dinner. The dinner went well and then after the dinner my boyfriend came by to help me figure things out. By this time the mall was already pretty empty and luckily I was parked New Starteron a hill, so we decided for the first time ever to try to jump start it. I sat in the drivers seat as he pushed me and luckily it worked. His home was closer so we headed on over there.

Even though I knew it wasn’t the case first thing we did was take the battery out and go get it tested. Yup, I was right, the battery was fine. Finally we decided thDifficult to get toat it had to be the starter and we had our project for the weekend.

It took all day, Saturday and Sunday, but once we found the guidance we needed it was not as hard as everyone said. If you know anything about replacing a VW starter, its location could best be described as a bitch, bumped right up against the engine. We fought probably all day Saturday trying to get it unbolted, with no luck. That night we went to work researching and all there was out there was how to replace the starter with the engine fully dropped. Finally we found a YouTube video that explained how to do it with the engine in. Sunday things went smoothly.


About Simply Alex

A graduate of CSUF with my BA in Communications - Entertainment and Tourism Studies. I love food, photography, music, and writing. New to Hawaii by way of sunny SoCal.
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